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000_0019-When my son was smaller and back when we had puppies he loved to play with the pups.  He would have a toy gun and pretend he was in the Old West and the puppies loved running around as he tried to ambush them.  Well, one day they unified and attacked him and as you can see…. well it was Custer’s Last Stand all over again, except he was being licked and loved to death as they overwhelmed his defenses.. heheheh

000_0018-you are ours now human!!!!

-As you can see Momma is coming to Rory’s rescue as he is overwhelmed and the puppies are screaming with wild abandon for his scalp… hehehehe


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Ah, when will he ever learn?  Laddie here and let me tell you that the old guy can never figure out how intelligent we are….. *evil grin*.    Last night he was watching on You Tube the forensic evidence of the Battle of the Little Bighorn.  You know, where Custer and him men were overwhelmed by the Native Americans?

Well, we watched and soaked it all up and we could see the old guy was thinking.  Oh, oh…. time for another one of his experiments.  If you don;t know his experiments let me remind you all of the Collie Bowl.  He took on us collies in football and we won.  There have been lots of experiments around here and I could see he was brewing up a replica of the battle of Little Bighorn right in our own yard.

I tried to persuade him not to do it, but he just grinned and said he would show us superior firepower and overwhelm our disorganized mess in a replay of the real battle.  So, I yawned and went to bed.  Too bad for you old guy…. we will win.

So, we get up to a couple of more inches of snow and after getting us our breakfast the old guy goes out and I watch as he makes snowballs and puts them in strategic locations.  I see how he is laying out the battlefield so I go and let the other collies know what is up and we make our plans….. Too bad for you old guy!

Finally, he comes in and grinning calls us outside and runs off to the left side of the yard and begins firing snowballs at us.  Now, he is nice so they are soft so when they hit they go poof and snow flies and we have to grin for they tickle more than anything else.  So, he harasses us for a couple of minute till we begin to run in a circle around him….. yeah old guy we are coming just like those Native Americans did.  We steadily close the circle as he keeps firing as we circle in closer, barking,  howling and screaming….hehehehe

Then we close in and it is hand to paw combat!!!!  We rip off his left sleeve and left leg on his pants and his left shoe…. and he makes a break for the right side as Ginger rips out the back of his pants….

He takes up the position and begins firing at us again.  So, we circle this time running twice as fast and howling ungodly noise as he fires faster and we duck and he is missing more and more.  We storm in and again it is some hand to paw interaction as he does all he can to keep us off him but we rip his right sleeve, right pants leg and right shoe off as he retreats to the high spot on the yard.

Now, it is cold, we are running hard and he has only half the clothes so we can see he is getting cold…. hehehehe…. so we circle making the loudest sound yet.  We circle as he fires but we all make a move and roar in overtaking him and we smash him to the ground as I steal his hat and put it on my head, ginger rips off his shirt and puts it on, Smoke rips off his pants and puts them on and the others grab the snowballs and with their mouths rub his face with them!

What is left of the old guy gets up and staggers through the low spot by the puppy yard and there is no resistance now for he is trying to get to the door to safety.  I give a war screech and lead the final charge as we overtake him, rip off his socks, tee-shirt and gloves and trample over him as he lays face down in the snow.  We rumble over him and just them Mom opens the door and we rumble right on into the warm house leaving him laying there in the snow.

I stop and look up at mom and she sighs and says; I know Lad, he will never learn will he?  I just smile and wearing his hat I join the dancing celebration going on in the living room.

We collies have to hand it to the old guy, it was pretty close to the original battle of the Little Bighorn and lasted about as long.  Good job there….. now  you know how Custer felt Old Guy!

In mirth,

Lad the Bad!

The Collies Circling






Run for your life old guy!







Rushing in for the battle







Ellie joins in with a battle yell!










Wow!  This is ugly… time to go in…..







Yeah, Old Guy now you know how he felt…. except he was a bit more handsome we think… heheheh











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