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The Coolidge family with one of their white collies.









President Coolidge taking one of his white collies for a walk.










Two of the white collies with the President and his wife and surviving son. This would be Rob Roy and Prim Prudence.










Mrs. Coolidge with a White Collie and another of their dogs.











President Coolidge and his wife Grace  the White Collies. They loved animals and it is said that even Teddy Roosevelt’s family did not have as many animals as the Coolidges had.










Self Explanatory.. 🙂








Ginger Says;  Now that I muddied up the couch I want to say,


KEEP COOL WITH COOLIDGE!   The White House needs another bunch of collies in there….. I’m voting for the candidate with a collie…. whats that Old Guy? No one running has a collie…. well you can give them me and I’ll go live at the White House.  Yeah, that would be great, servants, steak and trips to Georgie!


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Coolidge is normally known as a dour, stodgy type of guy who was no nonsense. Actually, he had a wicked dry sense of humor and loved animals deeply. It is a little known fact that the Coolidge’s had more animals in the White House than anyone!!!  One of the neat things for me is they had white collies…. here are a few more new pictures I found ….

 Coolidge and his wife with Prudence Prim and Rob Roy!

Coolidge with his Collie Rob Roy and another dog named Tiny Tim!

This is Grace Coolidge’s official White House Portrait with Rob Roy!

Hope you enjoyed these White Collies who lived in the White House almost 90 years ago. 🙂

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