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In the past you know Marvin the Martian invaded the Meadow and the collies took him to task… well he had the gall to show up again….. here is what happened….

467683_3954252939464_1374417534_3604572_853631907_oLook!!! He came back!!!  —

dscf8112Whats this?  Why its Marvin the Martian back again?  Didn’t learn your lesson before eh?… What… take you to our leader. Well I am Ginger.. world dictator what do you want?  Surrender?  What do you mean surrender? Who you calling long nose? This means war…

100_0173Marvin is back and he wants our surrender… he has taken Lad’s Ball hostage…

100_4442My ball? !!!!!!!!!!!

41036_1598167918811_1374417534_1608523_2610893_nThis aint gonna be pretty folks, you may want to go elsewhere if you are faint of heart!!!

dscf5206Here we come Marvin!!!!!  You are gonna be sorry!

*Pow*  *Smack*  *Crack*  *smash*

467755_4014715370987_1374417534_3623886_1696124032_oOkay, we rescued the ball, now for the artillery.. here I come Marvin!


564777_3954243939239_1374417534_3604559_377134161_nOh, now he is going to blow up the earth with the Immodium Q-36 Space Modulator…. well time for me to use my wits to get him…   I have been expounding on E=MC2 …..  You gonna be sorry Marvin….muwahahaha

472231_3705230474058_1374417534_3501861_2086881622_oOne more time folks.. you might want to go elsewhere if you are faint of heart… after all it is Ginger we are talking about…

dscf5774What else did you expect? It worked quite well… now to get that missile launcher back to Washington before someone misses it…  sigh….  Another step closer to world domination… th-th-thats all folks!!!!!

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In the age of the Silent Films I also have my favorites.   Oh is it Fairbanks? Valentino? Pickford? Gish?  They are all great but in the silent era I am not much of a drama fan…. they tended to overact (they were imitating the stage which was understandable) and while these four were the best they are not my favorites.

Tending to like the comedies more you probably would pick Chaplin or Keaton.  Now, I love them but nope…..  remember I am the guy who in the Golden Era loved the Three Stooges… LOL

No, my favorite male and female stars are none of the above.  My favorite actor was a nerdy looking guy who makes me laugh until my ribs hurt.  He was born in Nebraska on April 20, 1893 (April 20th is the birthday of my father and Adolf Hitler LOL) and he lived until March 8, 1971.  He started in film in 1913 (100 years ago!) and his career boomed until the advent of the talkies.  It is not well known that he once in a stunt blew part of his hand off and after that you always see a glove on his hand.  He did all of his hair raising stunts and is most famous for hanging off the hand of a clock high above the city (yes he did that stunt and like all his stunts there were no safety nets!)  Sometimes his stunts were scary but they always turned out funny.  One of his favorite props was a Model T Ford which makes it even more interesting for me.  I loved his timing, his way of pulling off his stunts and I think he was one heck of a actor who knew how to get the most out of every scene.  I love that this nerdy guy somehow always comes out on top using his wits which lead him from one funny situation into another until it works out.  Now, what I find fascinating is that this nerdy looking guy off the screen was considered one of the better looking actors!  What I enjoy the most is his acting portrayed the American views of the time of the rugged individualist and stick to it till you overcome the odds views riddled with humor and situations that I think we all can relate too happening in our lives and wondering how ever survived it yet alone came out smelling like a Rose!

After his film days he had a career in Radio comedy and then ran the Shriner charities.  His estate was called Green Acres and not much of it is left today with just a few acres and the house still there.

He had three leading co-stars in his career and the first one was perhaps the most talented.  Bebe Daniels and he fell in love and almost married.  However, she wanted to become a dramatic actress and they parted ways.  They remained friends however and she died 8 days after he did in 1971 reportedly heartbroken over his death. Bebe was perhaps even better than he was in his comedies and stole quite a few scenes.

His third leading lady Jobyna Ralston and she was a wonderful actress who was more of the straight person who set up and added to the funny moments with her straight face and wonderful acting.

As you notice the second leading lady I saved till last.  You see, she is my favorite actress of the silent era.  Of the three leading ladies in his films she had the shortest time with him on the screen because she married this guy!!!  When I first saw her with my favorite star I had mixed feelings.  Very different from Bebe in every way. However,  as I watched her role became endearing.  You see, she is more of the girl next door type who at one moment is so serious and kind, yet the next moment is grinning like a imp as she pulls off some of the funniest little background stunts that makes his life harder and then she teases him unmercifully only to turn on the cuteness which endears her to him only to have her then set him up for something even funnier to happen which is is either slyly plotting or more often innocently bringing about.  At times she overacts at first, but as their time together on film progresses they clicked in a way that only two people in love could’ve.  Lucy had Desi and Fred had Ginger.  Together these two made some great films together and by the time they had finished her last film with him (it was called  Safety Last and  is considered the greatest film of his ) she was wooed by rival studios and he proposed to her and they were married.  The next to last film  called Grandma’s Boy is considered her greatest film.

My favorite actress was born Feb. 22, 1901 and lived until August 18, 1969.  Her brother Jack Davis was a star in the silent Our Gang comedies (the Our Gang/ Little Rascals are a favorite of mine also).  Together they had three children; Harold, Gloria and Peggy whom they adopted.  Her career lasted from 1916-1927.  If you mention her name today she is rarely known.  However, to me, while she was not the prettiest, the most sexy, the best actress, the best known or even a star in her own right she is my favorite of the silent era actresses.  Her other famous role… she was a Maybelline Model in 1922.

Who are they….. well does this picture tell you?

Harold and Mildred-1

No, didnt think this would tell you who they are.  He doesnt look anything like he did in his movies while she is grinning like a imp like she did on the films..  perhaps this one…

Harold and Mildred-2

I bet no one has guessed yet……  but you will know on the next one..

Harold and Mildred-3

Thats right…. its Harold Lloyd!  To me one of the funniest guys ever and his wife… Mildred Davis.  These two are my favorite silent era stars who to this day still make me laugh….

Harold and Mildred -4

Very gutsy!  No such thing as safety nets then…….  they did have a matress several stories below!

Harold and Mildred-5

-Harold was 5 foot 10 inches and weighed 150 pounds.  Mildred was 5 foot 2 inches and weighed 100 pounds.

Harold and Mildred -6

Yeah…… who is laughing now Harold?  hehehe


Hanging from a clock hand?  Ooooh… what a great idea!!! Muwahahahah

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I Ginger have decided I am going to try stand up comedy……. our topic tonight is Ford since Dad decided to bring one home.. hehehe





It is being said that Ford is going to magnetize its rear axles… you see that way the car will pick up its own parts as they fall off…..

um…. ha ha ha?





Okay, you cold fish out there.. how about this one…

What does Ford stand for?

Fudge! Our Ride Died!!!!

-he he he….





Wow, you have no humor out there… how about this one?

My Ford Isn’t Leaking, its marking its territory!



Okay, thats it! I am going to quit while I am on top.  Now, I’m off to paint that blue oval black and put red letters on it that spell Ginger……

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