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We are putting together an image of our readers with our recent posts… your favorite collie color was yesterday and we will be asking questions about your favorite cars, hobbies, books, religions  and such and we will then present what our readers like and prefer…. 🙂  Its all anonymous unless of course you choose to share in the comment section which we would love…..


Our collies love to ride around in their Collie Transport Unit#1 and #2 which of course are a Chevrolet and a Ford.  What is your favorite automobile?


Does it have a Blue Oval or a bow tie?

Or perhaps it has portholes on the side as in  Buick?  Or perhaps you like Chryslers or are a Japanese fan of Toyota, Nissan or Subaru.


Or perhaps you like European cars like VW, Audi or Mercedes?

We are not asking for your favorite model and year, but what brand you would buy above all others…..


What do you mean there is no car called a Ginger!!!!!!!







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