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On the day of the Lord’s birth we of the Meadow wish you Merry Christmas.  As we celebrate and worship please know you all are in our prayers and thoughts.  God Bless You All!

maryjesus40-we love this picture…. imagine what Mary must’ve thought about it all….of all the people who ever walked the earth this is the one human I want to meet in heaven….. not only because I am in awe of her but because I want to say Thank you to her for saying yes to God…..

As with all posts we now have our moment of mirth……


last night as I was out and about what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a spry little elf driving a SC and not 9 deere… (pun intended)…. hehehe

dscf9598-here is the proof as Saint Nick roared by in a Case SC… 🙂

100_0084– um… sorry folks I think the old guy had too much Christmas Cheer… ahem….

– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoqxYqTNKmU

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As Christmas Eve comes here to the Meadow the old guy is always in awe and full of wonder that God came to earth to save His creation.  As night falls and everyone is snuggled down for a long winter’s nap we collies watch as he will look outside and up into the sky in awe and wonder.  For him it is his favorite celebration of the year.  It is so quiet and if the stars are out it is always awe inspiring……

While White Christmas is one of his favorites, the old guy always appreciates the old carols most of all once night falls…..

We all wish you a Blessed Christmas Eve and tomorrow we will be ready to celebrate with our treats! 🙂

100_2723-Wow! I was a good girl this year.. look at that big present for me!

The old guy’s favorite Holy Song for Christmas song……




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The cycle of the year is noticed here at the meadow and sometimes has a bigger impact than just the winter.  On November 30 begins the second most Holy time of the year… Advent.   A time of quiet expectation and waiting, this is the Old Guy’s favorite Church season.   The travelling of Joseph and a expecting Virgin Mary, the birth in the Manger, the appearance of the Angels to the Shepherd (us collies were there ya know!), the wise men, the star…. the Old Guy is in awe of the beauty,simplicity, humbleness yet the power of it all.

For us collies it is a time of joy, love, cuddling, love and wonder at the bringing in of the indoor collie plumbing (dad calls it a Christmas Tree), lots of treats, presents, kindness and then on Christmas eve as the Old Guy reads the story of the birth we collies gather close and listen as we drift off to sleep wondering how our collie ancestors felt seeing those Angels, seeing the birth and all the wonders of the time.

Advent is a nice time here at the Meadow that we collies enjoy. Dad listens to a lot of Bing Crosby, plays with us in the snow and life comes to a standstill at Christmas……  Then after the celebration of HIS birth life picks up steam and joy reigns here and we often see the Old Guy looking up in wonder and even in this time of joy we catch him looking at pictures of those of us no longer here.  He seems to find comfort in this time of year and we simple collies get it…..


We pray you all have a Blessed Advent Season and find peace, love and comfort during this Holy season.

While we celebrate collie indoor plumbing even we collies realize the reason for the season….



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Here at the Meadow Religion plays a big role in our lives.  The old guy is sort of old fashioned and us Collies like that.  Why are we writing about that?  Well, it gives you a bit of an insight about life here, a fuller picture of who we are.  Collies are dogs ya know and the old Guy says if you want to learn about unconditional love of God study a dog.  He says ppl can beat the snot out of a dog and it will still love them…. sort of like Jesus ya know.  We find that interesting but would like to point out that Jesus was beaten up by us all for our sins, while the beatings of Dogs is just plain senseless for no reason.  But, we get what he is saying.

The old guy says if he could love like a dog he would be closer to God but he says he has a part of him that hits back and he sometimes regrets it……

However, while the old guy beats himself up we love him anyways and he is right…. if he could love like we do, always forgiving no matter what, he would be closer to God.  But, as it is he loves us for who we are and we love him for who he is…..

To celebrate God we put up this old song by one of Dad’s favorite singers…..  we didn’t know he wrote this famous song… but its an old favorite here….



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As we journey through the Holiest Season of the Christian year Dad often reflects upon the repentance part of Lent and how important that is to our pathway with God.  Being truly sorry for one’s sins and then do your best in turning from them is important.  As we collies watch humans struggle with this we are so grateful we are collies for we  don’t have to repent for we didn’t cause all of this. 🙂

After all we can’t curse….

Black Squirrel

Get down here and play fair you @$##$%#$$#@ Squirrel….

skylight wondering

We can’t have impure thoughts…. Hey,  Ellie… lets go out behind the shed… Ooh La La… rowwr….



We don’t covet, steal or harm others…. “Give me the hammock old guy or you are gonna die!!!”


REPENT! REPENT! THE END IS NEAR!!!!  By the way.. BALL, ball, ball….


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