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I Ginger, future World Dictator have been challenged by a cousin who is a Yankee who happens to live in the South.  However, I was born in the South so that gives me a leg up (pun intended) over her.  I am from Georgee and as you may or may not know it was part of the Great War Of Southern Independence and being born there I have that Rebel blood in my veins!  *Gives a Rebel Yell!*

While I offered to give my cousin a big position in my world domination dictatorship she still threw down a challenge.  While she may also reside in a state in dear old Dixie that doesn’t make her a true daughter of the Great War Of Southern Independence like me!  So, let me tell you dear cousin that you don’t mess with Georgee or anyone from Georgee.  If you don’t believe me listen to this song… the old longtooth red skinned creep called the Devil got his butt kicked in Georgee and that shows how if you mess with Georgee you lose….  so listen up and cry because if that old horny toad of a demon couldn’t win you can’t either….

Notice it was in Georgee, not some Yankee state like you were born in….  I might live in a Yankee state but I gots  Georgee  red clay in my veins and I got that Rebel Yell that makes your blood curdle and the only one to ever even challenge me and hold me a tie is the old guy and even then he gets his butt kicked regularly….. but as he says its because he has that Puritan, Norse, German, Scottish blood in him…..   So, prepare to meet Lee, Stonewall, ol’ JEB and the old guy’s hero.. Longstreet combined when you mess with me!  MUWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAH

*REBEL YELL!!!!!!!*     By the way, to all my southern family members….

The line “In Dixieland where I was born”  and “I wish I was in Dixie” makes me long for Georgee……

By the way did you all know that James Longstreet and Jefferson Davis both had collies in their later years?  *REBEL YELL!!!*

*The old guy made me put this here…* Please do not write about Slavery to me, for this post is not supporting slavery for we despise such things.  For many of the South the war was about many other things too.  He thought you should know this for many people try to make everything about some past injustice that while horrible and gladly gone has nothing to do with any human alive today.


Me facing South and Singing DIXIE!!!  So cousin, join me and you can run roughshod over all humans when I rule and be as naughty as you want with all the treats you can eat or its “Rebel Yell” time and you are gonna think you are old George McClellan when I gets done with you!

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