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As you all know we love English Footy here and with Liverpool sucking this season there hasn’t been much to celebrate.  However, today we turn on the tellie and what do we see? The Semi-finals of the Scottish Cup!!!!  Now you all know the collies are Ccottish and in the past we have had near riots with the Celtic-Rangers rivalry. Well, lo and behold who is playing… Celtic vs. Rangers and the Celtic are home!  The near riot is on and the passions running high for the collies and with Celtic just scoring and leading 1-0 the passions are running high!  The question isn’t who will win but will we survive…..






-This is getting ugly! Run dad!!!!12_07_collies_running







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As you all know I am a big footy fan. Well, lets see… Manchester United just seems to be getting their act together.. finally! Newcastle United is right there with them.. Hull is out front of my favs, Cardiff is lumped in too and West Bromwich Albion is right in the group too.  Sort of a disappointing season so far, but when the Reds win 6 or 7 straight we will be cheering them on… hehehe

Still looking for a place to listen to SP for free so we can hear Celtic.

Of course the collies get right into Footy on the net on talksport with me.  They are fascinated by the continuous cheering, chants, songs, insults and the occasional “What the bloody ‘ell!” we hear and when one of our boys score I cheer and they join in with a loud salvo of barks and jump around and growl and get excited.

Having been a English Football fan for over 40 years (I used to listen on BBC Shortwave back then!) I am so thrilled to be able to listen to the matches again and am thrilled to see English Footy taking America by storm!  Fan clubs are sprouting up and one can even get all the games on NBC sports on the tellie…. wow…. who could’ve seen this happening?

As I grumble all week about Ferguson firing the new coach at Manchester United half the collies are thrilled as Celtic tears up the SP  while the other half cheers as as the Ranger rip apart League one after winning the league three championship last year while Celtic won the SPL last season.   It wont be long at this rate till the Rangers and Celtic rivalry once again comes to life. The collies of course are very nonchalant about it all

Celtics!  Rangers! CELTIC! RANGERS!!!!  I’ll poke yer bloody eye out you @#$#!@!#!#!  CELTIC!!!!!!!!!!  RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!  $!@#$%$%!@%!$^#%^!@#$^!%@!!!!!!!

Ah yes, as the match rumbles on over the net the collies rumble in the yard in a friendly (?) battle over which club is the best in Scotland…… sigh…


– Here are two of my favorite footy tunes……

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A rocking good time today as Manchester United went into the home of Chelsea for the battle of the season.  Chelsea if they won could drop the Red DEvils to third and if the Red Devils won they would be in second only one point behind the Blues.  Well, what a war, my man Van Persie booted a left footer in and the collies and I roared our approval of a 3-2 win!!!!! The Red Army marches on!


Then, my Magpies of Newcastle took on the Baggies of West Bromwich Albion.  What a battle to literally the end.  Demba Ba booted one in early and the Baggies tied it up.  literally, with seconds left Cisse booted in the winner and Lad led the cheers as we had a howling good time celebrating a big win by the Magpies!!!  The Toon Army Marches on!!!!!


Unfortunately the collies have blood in their eyes now after the disappointing loss mid-week and then the loss at home this weekend. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….. But, Celtic still leads the SPL…… The Green Army is still out front! 🙂


Excuse us Dad we are off to Scotland to support Celtic!!!!


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Well we listened to the game yesterday and what a riot it was…  When the Saints scored the first goal I was stunned…. hmmm…. come on United get back in this and sure enough they did.  As I cheered the collies joined in with their bouncing, barking and being happy with me.  Way to go Van Persie! Of course the second half comes and the Saints put in another one and it isnt looking good for Man U as the clock is winding down and the fans are singing “When The Saints Go Marching In.”  Sigh… come on just tie it….. then at around 6 minutes left Van Persie strikes again and  we celebrate hugely.  The game then shifted with United turning it up a notch and pushing the ball around the goal.  As I am listening I hear that the ball is on the left corner behind the goal opening and I think “Kick it high and someone try a header” and all of a sudden there it is a high kick and Van Persie puts a header into the net with just over a minute left!!!!  The collies were ready and I started to cheer they erupted into a deafening melee that made my ears hurt.  LOL….. Amazing how I remembered that move that was so popular years ago when I listened in on the BBC.  Van Persie…. a hat trick!  Well, the Saints didnt go marching in and  the game ended with United fans tauntingly cheering UUUUUNIIIIIIITED!  UUUUUNIIIIIITED!  I could only smile and enjoy a Red Devils victory.

Now, dont worry we wont be talking much sports here…. but as you can see the collies get into the cheering part… hehehe

So, how did the collies feel about it all?

CELTIC!!!!  RANGERS!!!!!  CELTIC!!!!!  RANGERS!!!!!!  You #%$%@#$%@#%@!!!!!!

Okay collies, who is your favorite English Foot Ball Club?


Um…. Manchester… City… hehehehe

Um, dad I got my ball, lets practice Red Card Misconducts on Ginger…..

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