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Today, it was sunny but cooler so I played with the collies and spent the day stripping down the front bottom behind the axle, the frame around the radiator and the hood to get it ready to prime and paint tomorrow.   I caught gasoline at a low price and put some in the collies transport unit #1 and bought some stainless steel bolts, nuts, metal screws and washers so that in the future I won’t have to repaint these things if I need to take the hood off or the grill off.  Stainless is shiny and it doesn’t rust. 🙂  In time I will go to that on my two Allis’.

Apparently I read the schedule wrong for Football. Liverpool plays at 11 AM EST on Talksport.com not Saturday.  A win by Chelsea temporarily, until Liverpool plays, has put them in first by one point. So, a tieat least to tie for first or preferably a win by the Reds is needed.  So, GO REDS!!!!!!  Tomorrow is a big day with only 6 games left.





The ground is showing again and the old Case SC is coming along…. so a busy and productive weekend so far.  Oh, my son and I also are cleaning out one half of the front bench for I figured if I rip that half out I can gain four feet in the Garage in length…..  🙂  I don;t need the bench so we are busy rearranging too…. as the collies frolic on celebrating the pools being full of water and not ice.. 🙂



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dscf8826Dad found time to play with us all weekend even though he spent all of his spare working on that stupid tractor…..but he likes Old Annie the Case SC.  He painted the left front tire, the lug nuts and the left front axle and turning pole…..

He baked the lug nuts in the over at 175 degrees for a few hours to harden the paint and they turned redder which dad feels mean as the paint cures it will turn a bit redder than the burnt orange the flambeau red looks like now.


Here you see the steering arm to the front turning knuckle to the axle to the left front tire mount is painted. Dad looked it up on the internet for he felt it looked like burnt orange instead of Flambeau Red.  Seems like a lot of ppl feel it looks like burnt orange.


Dad doesnt know what to think about this color.  It changes… in the indirect light it is burnt orange, in direct sunlight depending upon the angle it goes from a reddish orange to a bright orange.  It is strange…..


-I Mick think the tractor is more of a Sable color….  Is it time to play again dad?  Come on dad… put down that pint and lets go!!!!! What?  Just another coat?  Well I have a big coat perhaps I can give you some of it for the tractor?  Why are you laughing?  I am willing to do anything to help you dad….. oh… I love you too Dad…. 🙂

-Poll results soon….

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Okay, we all know that dogs are supposedly color blind… ahem.. don’t you believe it… but anyways Dad picked up some paint for his Case SC tractor.  He said it is called Flambeau Red……. um… we looked at it and looked at dad… looked at it.. looked at dad… Dad, you are crazy.  Or at the very least very, very color blind…..


=Here is a Case SC like Dad’s….does it look Red?


Does this look Red?


A Case VAC… does that look like RED????



Yeah, its Red Dad and this is what it looks like outside……


It is not RED!!!!!!!!


Reality strikes home.. its not summer and that is not Red!!!  Of course, you can deny it and I can have you locked up in an asylum… Muwahahahahahahahahahaha

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hmmmmm….. skylight is passed out… wonder if I used too much saltpeter!  Oh well….. more food for me…. muwahahahahahaha   Now back to world domination….

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