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468357_3863529071424_1374417534_3573193_1528042977_o -Every time I see her it is amazing how she changes…. she used to be so worn out and ugly…..

-Look he is getting the plow ready too….



_Annie…. the right rear side is now painted! A few pics…




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Today, it was sunny but cooler so I played with the collies and spent the day stripping down the front bottom behind the axle, the frame around the radiator and the hood to get it ready to prime and paint tomorrow.   I caught gasoline at a low price and put some in the collies transport unit #1 and bought some stainless steel bolts, nuts, metal screws and washers so that in the future I won’t have to repaint these things if I need to take the hood off or the grill off.  Stainless is shiny and it doesn’t rust. 🙂  In time I will go to that on my two Allis’.

Apparently I read the schedule wrong for Football. Liverpool plays at 11 AM EST on Talksport.com not Saturday.  A win by Chelsea temporarily, until Liverpool plays, has put them in first by one point. So, a tieat least to tie for first or preferably a win by the Reds is needed.  So, GO REDS!!!!!!  Tomorrow is a big day with only 6 games left.





The ground is showing again and the old Case SC is coming along…. so a busy and productive weekend so far.  Oh, my son and I also are cleaning out one half of the front bench for I figured if I rip that half out I can gain four feet in the Garage in length…..  🙂  I don;t need the bench so we are busy rearranging too…. as the collies frolic on celebrating the pools being full of water and not ice.. 🙂



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For our pure collie post check our earlier post from today about Lil Hallie. 🙂

Right now , after a productive morning of working on the tractors, we are listening to Liverpool on the net.  2 minutes in and the Reds go up on a goal shot that bounced off a Tottenham defender!  1-0 the Reds lead and now they are on the attack again as the crowd roars in Anfield!  A tie puts them in first place in a tie with Chelsea but the Reds would win the Title…. a win puts them up by two points over Chelsea and in the driver’s seat for the Championship with Chelsea and Manchester City coming to Anfield in the closing games.  The crowd is roaring… I am trying to keep occupied for I am a wreck for I want them to win so badly.. heheheh

Today as I cleaned up the other wheel to paint I found the original Flambeau Red under the other layers of paint….. I put the repainted lug nut in to show you how close it is in color. Now, the wheel is Flambeau Red  and the lug nut is Power Red. Of course I use “red” only because Case did.    Power Red is a shade lighter than Flambeau Red and even more orange.  I like FLambeau Red better but I remember all the Case tractors when I was a kid.  You see, Flambeau red faded badly…. worse than any other tractor colors.  When it faded it turned….  PINK!!!!  Well, I thought long and hard about the paint.. I don’t care for power red as much, however, it doesn’t fade.  Plus, it is more Orange and with my Allis’ it sort of matches them more.  So, take a look and see what you think…


***UPDATE***  Liverpool 2-0 lead and the Reds are heading towards first place!!!!  Anfield is rocking and so is our home… GO REDS!!!!!  Luis Suarez scores the goal!!!!


If you look at the wheel you will see the upper left is more red… the wheel curves and the light angle is different…. where the lug nut is is also flambeau red at the same angle… how close is that shade?  Then look inside the curve of the center of the wheel.. same color but it really looks red…. as you can see it looks different in the same light with just different angles….







another shot and you can see the reddish orange better in the top left corner…. in this picture I can see the shade difference… so what do you think about the colors?

dscf4977-You know Fambeau means flame…. so I think if we set it on fire the color would be perfect.. heheheheheeh


GO REDS!!!!!!!!!!!  FIRST PLACE  here they come!

for more info on the work on the Case SC go to our sister blog at:


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We say Silver!!!!!


We say Orange… it is not Red… it is Orange…






Silver, Orange, Silver, Orange….. SILVER!!!  ORANGE!!!!


I lil Hallie have a idea… we will let our readers choose… While dad likes to restore his old tractors close to original, he likes to give them a personal twist.  So, he wants to do his Case in a Flame out… or all Flambeau Red or Orange as we call it….

Others of us want the orange out but with the original silver colored back rims…. so you vote…. which do you like better?



case sc orange rims

Here is the orange out….. everything is orange…. er.. Flambeau Red.. cough.. cough…


case_SC silver rims

Or… the back rims silver…….


I think he should paint it Persian Orange instead… like an Allis Chalmer…..

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With more snow on the ground than I have ever seen at this time in March we are all going crazy waiting to get out and do the spring, summer and fall things like run with the collies all day, work om and drive the tractors and work in the garden.  So, today after fixing the garage door that tried to fall off its rails I took out all three tractors. 🙂 Old Allis ran like a champ like always.   Here she is showing off with Annie my Case SC.


Old Allis has had a decent rest the past couple of weeks……


Here is Molly my Allis Chalmers WC…. she sputtered a bit today and I figure she needs some spark plug wires and some new spark plugs…. then she will run perfect again.. she is due for a tune-up….


Here is Annie, the Case SC running…. if you look at the left front tire and the axle post up to the turning arm you will see it is all new paint.  What color is it?  She started up today and ran really good. So, I snuck her out of the garage and drove her into the snow.  She ran great and this was her first spin out of the garage since her tune-up.  She is a lot more lively than before and she did something to day she never did before … she took off in 4th gear … before she never had enough power to do so.  So, I put the throttle down to just above idle and tried fourth gear and she took off even then!  We spun around for a bit and had a bit of fun before I put her back.



Dad.. can we go play now?  Yes!! YAY!!!!


YAY!!! We are having lots of fun….. all together now let run and bark uncontrollably…. muwahahahaha

A song about Allis Chalmers…. its history and as it says the first tractors with rubber tires were Allis’…. the same year they became Persian Orange…. thanks for reading! 🙂

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dscf8826Dad found time to play with us all weekend even though he spent all of his spare working on that stupid tractor…..but he likes Old Annie the Case SC.  He painted the left front tire, the lug nuts and the left front axle and turning pole…..

He baked the lug nuts in the over at 175 degrees for a few hours to harden the paint and they turned redder which dad feels mean as the paint cures it will turn a bit redder than the burnt orange the flambeau red looks like now.


Here you see the steering arm to the front turning knuckle to the axle to the left front tire mount is painted. Dad looked it up on the internet for he felt it looked like burnt orange instead of Flambeau Red.  Seems like a lot of ppl feel it looks like burnt orange.


Dad doesnt know what to think about this color.  It changes… in the indirect light it is burnt orange, in direct sunlight depending upon the angle it goes from a reddish orange to a bright orange.  It is strange…..


-I Mick think the tractor is more of a Sable color….  Is it time to play again dad?  Come on dad… put down that pint and lets go!!!!! What?  Just another coat?  Well I have a big coat perhaps I can give you some of it for the tractor?  Why are you laughing?  I am willing to do anything to help you dad….. oh… I love you too Dad…. 🙂

-Poll results soon….

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Okay, we all know that dogs are supposedly color blind… ahem.. don’t you believe it… but anyways Dad picked up some paint for his Case SC tractor.  He said it is called Flambeau Red……. um… we looked at it and looked at dad… looked at it.. looked at dad… Dad, you are crazy.  Or at the very least very, very color blind…..


=Here is a Case SC like Dad’s….does it look Red?


Does this look Red?


A Case VAC… does that look like RED????



Yeah, its Red Dad and this is what it looks like outside……


It is not RED!!!!!!!!


Reality strikes home.. its not summer and that is not Red!!!  Of course, you can deny it and I can have you locked up in an asylum… Muwahahahahahahahahahaha

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Here in the dead of winter the collies and I try to play the best we can in the cold and snow. It used to be easy but this winter is exceptionally icy, slippery, cold and nasty.   But, we have our fun.  As we go through this winter I am working hard at my new job and other new developments might be coming  in this area. 🙂

But, it is that time we begin to look towards the spring.  As old Allis snorts and growls through the snow I am busy plotting the coming garden, (which I will be working in this year since I wont have college!) and I am gearing up on more tractor work.  Spark Plug wires came today in the mail and I bought some old fashioned Auto Lite non-resistor spark plugs the other day so she can get a tune up.  Then, if need be work will be done on the magneto.  Then, if that takes care of the remaining problems on running the old Case will pull the plow and drag this year before the rest of the seal work gets done and I begin repainting her…..


As you can see Old Allis, my 1944 Allis Chalmers B is on your left and on the right is is Molly my old 1941 Allis Chalmers WC.  Dead center is Annie the old 1949 Case SC whom I will be working on this weekend and getting ready for spring plowing and dragging. 🙂

Also on the agenda is getting the collies ready for the spring breeding season.  We are hoping for either a Ginger/Lad mating or a special mating with our Laddie and a grand daughter of Hallie’s.  We shall see what happens.  We are hoping to meet some of our blogging friends this year also and to make the rounds to the tractor shows and since I now have a normal job to be able to take my tractors to some parades and shows also…..

Of course, I am looking forward to time with the collies.  The hammock wars with Ginger, playing in the sunshine and just having fun. We are also looking to go to Edsel Ford’s home and perhaps a few other Ford historical sites.

But, mainly I am looking forward to spending time with my collies….


I Ginger am looking forward to battling for the Hammock and world domination as usual!  Wait till the old guy sees what I have cooked up over the winter!  After all, I have 24/7 to work on my dreams.. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Will the old guy survive? Will he lose  his sanity?  Will he run away….  we shall see!




Dream on Old Guy…..  soon I Ginger will show you my hopes and dreams…

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Ginger here… sigh…. the old guy perhaps was more amazing in that he had no catastrophes today… too bad.. er… that’s good.. snicker…

The Old Guy came home and changed Annie’s oil and it was amazing. Oil mixed with gasoline, anti-freeze and thick as tar.  How that old tractor runs without smoking is beyond amazing.  But, the Old Guy changed her oil and tightened up a few more things and then started her up to adjust the carb.  She started right up and the oil pressure went to exactly where it is supposed to be.  She struggled to keep running and the old guy amazed me in his adjusting the choke to keep her running till she warmed up.  But, he did get his ears blown out with some more backfiring.  He says he will have to readjust the valves and perhaps adjusting the carb helped too.  It was amazing watching him turn the screws and she would run smoother, then rougher and finally he got her running nice and smooth.

100_5506Stunning! How does the old guy know how to do that?  Perhaps he is smarter than we think!  … naw…. heheheh

He wiped all the oil, anti-freeze and gas off her from her being torn apart and leaking fluids and after she ran a good while shut her off.  He got one of the anti-freeze leaks to stop but decided to go to the store to get some Bar’s Leak to stop the leak.  He bought a flippy cap for the top of the muffler and some lead substitute to add to the gasoline for those old engines need it for lubricating!  By the way, Cupcake from CUPCAKE SPEAKS (one of our favorite blogs) is right.. I am a genius.  Oh, the old guy is giving me the stink eye so back to the story. Mean old guy!

dscf8114Yes, old guy, I was the one who watered your wrench.. hehehehe

But, guess what?  The gooseneck stopped leaking all on its own while the radiator was full… so he bought it for nothing… muwahahahahahaha

So, then he came and played with us for a hour and it was fun as I made sure to pull on his pants legs as he ran… he doesn’t need that leg anyways, he has two after all… muwahahahah

-Thats it for now,


dscf5858Here is a shot of old Annie….. all she needs is some watering down that exhaust pipe and that will make the old guy’s day… snicker…

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dscf8128Whoa!!!  HE did it…. the old guy finally did it…. but then even a broken clock is right twice a day… hehehehe

Let me describe the comedy of the old guy getting that old 1949 Case SC tractor running again….. you will laugh… I know it humored me watching him do this…

Annie1As you remember old Annie (yes he named his tractor!) had a cracked head and the old guy had to fix her.. that was over a year ago.  He bought some new valve springs, another head, gasket kit for head, gooseneck, valve cover and other things.  He had to buy a new valve, have the valves ground and the head milled along with the intake manifold.   New anti-freeze and a taking apart

and cleaning and fixing a broken float in the carb and the old guy, who was kindly helped by his father who is a mechanical genius and the tractor was put back together.  She wouldn’t start so they took the carb apart again and realized the float wasn’t set right.  So they fixed that and the old guy brought it all home and put it back together today…. will it start. With the old guy.. who knows but this should be comical.

Annie2Well, it is together and the anti-freeze full and everything back on.  HE begins to start it but it won’t start… it almost fires a few times but on goes the battery charger.  The battery was getting weak.  Finally it is charged quite a bit and he tries again. Nothing… then he realizes what I saw right from the start, the throttle needs to be opened about half way to start… hehehe… he is slow sometimes…. snicker.

Then he hits the starter and she starts but doesnt want to keep running. She backfires and sputter and then bang.. bang.. bang…then the loudest explosion I ever heard happened!!!!!  It backfired hard and the old guy’s ears are ringing now. Best part was watching the muffler fly up into the rafters  about 6 feet up and then landing in his plastic covers he uses to cover the tractors.  Ah yes, the plastic melted and is stuck to the muffler!  The old guy is funnier than Harold Lloyd!  He scrapes the plastic off and then puts the muffler back on.  He adjusts the card a half turn out on the screw that adjusts the mixture and tries it again… (I knew that was wrong too… but then I am so much smarter than any human!). HE tries it and she starts up but is sputtering…. he adjusts the card and she has a slight miss but keeps running. He tightens up various nuts and bolts and Annie smooths out and runs like a champ!

He jumps on her and rolls along onto the driveway… back and forth he goes quite a few times…. I can see he isnt ready to trust her going any further than that right now as it is getting dark.  But, he ran her for an hour and she ran very well… not bad for an old human…. HE pulls her back in and sees she has a slight leak on the gooseneck… Bar leak should fix that and then as he is looking things over he tastes this horrible taste in his mouth. Ah, another small leak of anti-freeze.  As he spits it out I laugh… But, he found that the new ground up root they put in the anti-freeze to keep us collies from drinking it works. They claim it is the most bitter thing in the world and the old guy could taste it a half hour later even though it was only a tiny drop. YAY Prestone for putting that bitter root in the anti-freeze to save animals…. He figures Bar leak ill seal that up too,….. Then he touched the wires to the magnetop to make sure they were tight and got poked….I could swear his hair stood up on end… hehehehe

dscf8114Well, that is the old guy’s adventure today!  I know we collies laughed up a storm. Sometimes he works on those old tractors and gets it done without a hitch. Other times it is like today… a regular Harold Lloyd film I tell you…. Thats all from the Meadow. -Ginger

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