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We are putting together an image of our readers with our recent posts… your favorite collie color was yesterday and we will be asking questions about your favorite cars, hobbies, books, religions  and such and we will then present what our readers like and prefer…. 🙂  Its all anonymous unless of course you choose to share in the comment section which we would love…..


Our collies love to ride around in their Collie Transport Unit#1 and #2 which of course are a Chevrolet and a Ford.  What is your favorite automobile?


Does it have a Blue Oval or a bow tie?

Or perhaps it has portholes on the side as in  Buick?  Or perhaps you like Chryslers or are a Japanese fan of Toyota, Nissan or Subaru.


Or perhaps you like European cars like VW, Audi or Mercedes?

We are not asking for your favorite model and year, but what brand you would buy above all others…..


What do you mean there is no car called a Ginger!!!!!!!







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dscf5015Ya know, I think the old guy has a thing about
Scottish Americans… after all he loves us collies who are Scottish, and…

john_wayneJohn Wayne who is from Scottish descent as well as..

dscf5847as well as J.I. Case who perfected the Thresher and of course built tractors like the on in the center above… which the old guy owns..

A Has well as Cyrus McCormick who developed the reaper and later built Farmall Tractors which the old guy learned to drive on and the Little Genius plow he uses…

Johnny-CashJohnny Cash who is his favorite country musician…











David Buick who built Buicks which the old guy loves…


Rutherford B. Hayes one of the old guy’s favorite presidents…


This list goes on and on… but  another scotch american was Thomas Chalmers who was a founder of the Allis Chalmers company who made tractors like the ones the old guy loves!!!


But, beast of all from Scotland comes us!!!

teddy_hallie_laddie_brandy_trevorTHE COLLIES!!!!

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We Collies asked dad what he wanted for Christmas and he talked about his all-time favorite cars…..  well its hard for us collies to type all that so we got Ginger to link up to dad’s favorite cars on Youtube….

-1946 Lincoln Continental, Dad’s all-time favorite!  He says he would drive with the top down with a collie next to him in this one…..

-Duesenberg-Dad says this is the greatest car ever built.  This one he says he would put a crash helmet on a collie and drive it wide open…..

-1953 Buick Skylark-Dad loves Buicks and this one he says he would cruise around real slow in showing it off and with the top down with it full of collies!

-1955 Chevy-Dad’s favorite Chevy!  He says this one he would drive wide open with a collie strapped into the seat next to him as he would bury the speedometer (we asked if it had died and he just laughed!) He says his father tells of a guy who had one of these and would do a burnout with it and as the Chevy sat there with the tires smoking the speedometer would read over a hundred miles an hour……  pretty good for a dead thing!

-1957 Ford-Dad’s favorite Ford. He says with this one he would load up the collies and it would one ride from hell with the gas pedal mashed to the floor (hmmm…. we think cars make him violent.. who wants to get mashed!)

Model T Ford-Dad says this car is the most like his beloved Tractors and he wants one of these for this is the car that put America on wheels.  He says he would load us all in it and go for a rough cross country ride and we think that would be fun…. until he said he would make us crank!  Dad says this link is the all-time best film on a Model T Ford… it has a quick oversight of the Model T and you go for a ride!!!

As for us collies we took a vote… we voted for dad’s current chevy… our own collie transport unit! We love going for rides in this and he has had us all in it at one time…. amazing!


Our Collie Transport Unit!!!!!


Let me drive it dad! I had a 35 foot jump ramp out back I want to try it on… we will tie Rutherford to the front bumper… should be fun!  Any bets how far it will jump at 100 mph?  Will it survive?  What?  What do you mean if I touch it I will be furless?  Wow…. no sense of adventure!

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This is one of those blogs the collies are not the main topic in although they have opinions and will share them… heheheh NOTE- do not take offense at what I write here for you have to read it till the end to understand the things I write and I said… 🙂

I grew up in a household where GM was the only car……  in fact they all had bow ties on their grill and that was that!  My first memories are of a red 1960 Chevrolet Impala in the spring as my father was putting fender skirts on her.  Red is a color he likes… red cars and blue trucks…..  all Chevrolets until in 1973 he bought my mother a Buick.  I fell in love with Buicks…. it was big, big grill, big… my gosh it was big! LOL…..

Of course my first car was a Chevy too. In fact until the middle 1990’s thats all I drove except for a red 1967 Pontiac Lemans that was candy apple red with black interior and a two door hardtop.  That by the way was the only non-chevy I had and only red car too until… well we will get to that.

Bowtie was it until I bought one heck of a problem child.  I spent every day off every week for a year with it in the garage and I hated it with a passion. I ended up driving it for 11 years and it turned out to be one heck of a truck… however, the dealer peeved me off and so for the next 25 years I bought no chevys.  I sort of regret it now.. after all look at what happened to GM.. LOL…..

I had a VW and loved it, but too darn picky of a car… had two Chrysler products and nice cars except the transmissions stunk and I wont own another ever again…. I know they fixed that problem…. but… well ya know how it is, once burned by a particular brand no more of them.

One day my dad drove up in a Buick…. no truck… what happened?  He decided he wanted a car instead so he bought… what else but a red Buick.  We went for a ride and I fell in love with it.  I stoked up my love affair with Buicks again and when we went to get a car I bought a Buick.  Now, I didnt plan it but the best deal I could get was on a red one.. LOL….. We loved the car so our next car was a Buick also!  Loved that one too.  Unfortunately economics intervened and when we went to get a car this time I finally decided to buy a Chevrolet again and I have to say I fell in love with it.

We have been looking for a car for my wife and my parents know someone who has a well taken care of car and we went to look at it.  It is.. ahem.. a Ford….  Now, I am a Chevy guy so I am a bit reluctant…. now dont take me wrong… Ford builds some nice cars but you know how the Chevy-Ford thing is.. LOL

So, my wife falls in love with it.  Of course……  what else would my wife do. You see my wife always goes the opposite of what I like…..  I get a Chevy she gets a… Ford. Its like that with everything….  LOL….. Its a nice car I think.. so  I say…. I see you can still get them in any color as long as it is black.  hehehe……..  I always wanted a black car… especially a Buick.

Now put yourself in my shoes.  I grew up in a GM family…. Chevys ruled. Fords drooled… you know.. all that garbage. However, if you notice I’ve never owned a Ford.  Of course I had to look to see if they still used packing crate sides for the floorboards like they did with the Model T….. my wife was not humored… hehehehe

Then of course I looked to see if they have a starter or crank…… hehehehe  Wife definitely not humored….  Hey Honey I yelled, this isnt a Edsel is it?  snicker….. (Edsel was Ford’s biggest lemon ever).  I told her it reminds me of a Pinto… hmm it wont go boom if it gets hit will it?  Now she is tapping her foot…. hehehehe

The front end reminds me of a Maverick….. (how many quarts of oil to the mile does it get?) She told me I was cut off… so I figured what the heck…. I’m on a roll lets go for it.  F-O-R-D… you know what that means….. Found On the Road Dead,  Fix Or Repair Daily, F%@#@ up rebuilt Dodge… she is not humored… boy did she ever loose her sense of humor through the years…..  Hmm… gonna be a long cold lonely winter I hear… snicker….

Hey honey, they put the horn on the steering wheel like GM does…. no squeezy honky horn?  Now, despite my comical protests I can see she has decided she wants this car…..

I want it or else she tells me…. I put a pained look on my face…. okay honey….. you can have it.

As I turn away I smile…. you see I am not a Ford guy and never thought I would own one.  But, these are my options… if she doesnt buy this Ford I will spend the next year looking at a million cars!  She always wants the opposite of what I want and I know this car is well taken care of and the price is right and it is a nice car.  Now if I had said I liked it she wouldve decided to keep looking… forever and ever and ever!  Oh no, I have learned a few things after all these years you see……

Like I said… I always wanted a Black Car…. hehehehehehe


You are bring home a what????  Um, tonight when you are sleeping and you hear a lot of noise coming out of the garage dont look for I will be kicking that Ford’s butt….


I am going to be sharing the garage with a What??????  Oh my gosh……

You bought a what?  Well blondes like me look great in black cars…


hmm…. the old guy is smarter than I thought he was…. if he is manipulating her what is he doing to me…..  wait till I scratch lil Hallie in the side of that black car… I’ll show him….. muwahahahaahhah

Um.. yeah……

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