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Hi! Welcome to the Meadow… My name is Ginger and all that stuff you heard about me is not true.  I am innocent and a very gentle and loving collie.












Um…. last time I disagreed my food was full of dead spiders….. so no comment…

I also do not battle dad for the Hammock…. its another tall tale…

Its mine old guy… do you surrender yet… Rowwwr!!!!

I also do not blow up Atomic Warheads or create mutant armies…


Master Ginger…. now that you have nuked that country would you like your army of the undead to move in for the conquest?

Wow, forgot about that preplanned attack….. ahem…

I really am a good girl…. what?  No dad, I didnt eat your pie…. burp….
So, dear friend do not believe what you read here for I really am a good girl…

Yes, believe everything you read here and if Ginger pays you a visit, be afraid.. be very afraid….

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Around here many things are referred too very tongue in cheek and that is the description of the ball Laddie has had for years now.  Let me give you the story of the Jesus Ball.

Years ago when Laddie was little we had a old soccer ball that our children had played with and had left out in the weather and the leather cover was cracking on each of the hexagon spots.  It was a bit soft which was okay for I figured Lad could pick it up that way.

I showed it to him and I threw it and he of course chased it and caught it on the first bounce after it hit the ground. He took off with it and I kept telling him to bring it to me but he wanted me to chase him with it. Something he still would love for me to do, but I am getting to old to run that much.  The first time he brought the ball back I praised him and his eyes lit up, he loved the praise,. I threw it again and he chased it and after a bit of coaxing brought it up to me and I took it and threw it and it was the beginning of something I had no idea it would become, but more on that later.

I began to kick Lad’s ball and no matter how far I kicked it he was there to get it on the first bounce and eventually he got so he could catch it coming down like Willie Mays with his back to it lifting his head and snaring it with his teeth.  Lad loved his ball and it has become an obsession of his life.  He takes the ball out with him and if he forgets to bring it in he will search till he finds it. He will not stop till he finds that ball!  He also will not stop laying ball with me… ever!!!

Through the years the leather fell off, then the inner cover fell off, the next rubber cover fell off till all that was left was the ratty cloth covering the “bladder” of the ball.  Last winter after years of playing it went flat. I patched it, but it blew another hole quickly and I realized it was shot.  So, all this year I’ve tried to give him new balls but he won’t part with that old flat ball.

The closest was a big inflated ball my buddy Pat at work gave me.  He showed interest but it quickly went flat and I figured it was popped.  Well, one day I picked it up and saw no holes and up came Lad with his ball.  But… the bladder was gone and it was then I saw Rutherford and Walter each with a half of the bladder in their mouths.  Lad looked up at me, looked at them, looked at me and held out the ball with his mouth and blinked…..I reached for the ball and he turned his head his eyes gleaming with mischief. Finally, he gave it to me and I threw the cloth remains a whole 20 feet and saw the disappointment in his face. So, I  picked up the ball Pat gave me shoved it inside his cloth remains and ran for the car and the air pump. I pumped up the ball and heard him crying in the back yard, impatiently waiting for me to return. He knew something was up with his ball….. he was hoping for the best but dreading the worst.

The pump finished inflating the ball, which I left a touch soft and it fit perfectly!!!! So, I came out into the yard with it and showed it to Lad who lit up like a Christmas tree.  He watched in glee as I kicked the ball and took off like lightning chasing it and it hit the ground and bounced right into his mouth!  He pranced around and looked so happy!!!!

WE played ball for over an hour and when I came in I showed him where I put his ball and he was satisfied where it was and happy it was safe.  Since then the ball has again popped and I have patched it three times, put another ball cover over it and it is still falling apart. But, it still survives and he loves it!  I have a plan to get it back together with another ball put with it to make a whole ball again. But, in the meantime it still works.

So, his ball was dead but now it is alive…. that is why it is the Jesus Ball! LOL…..  Lad lives for that ball and despite my best efforts he won’t part with it.  So, we will play with the remains till his time is gone and when that moment of parting comes I will hug his remains for the last time and gently put hit ball in his mouth and wrap him in a blankie and with a broken heart move on sadly…… but till that day we will play for endless hours with his ball!  The Jesus ball that died and came back….. several times!!!

Lad after a hour of playing with his ball!  He is thinking… Ball, Ball… Ball…. Ball…

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It was a cool boring afternoon here when I decided enough was enough!  I took off running and grabbed Rutherford’s toy and ran off with it as he began to chase me…. I dropped it as I went by Walter and pulled his tail and now the two were running after me as I ran by Mick and smacked into his shoulder and he joined in.  I grinned evilly as they ran after me and as they closed in I stopped and and as they rumbled by I took off in the other direction snatching Hallie’s brain cover as she joined in and as I went by Skylight I pulled his tail and now he joined in the barking and howling crowd behind me.

As we rounded the shed I saw Branwen and snatched her bat and ran a few feet with it and she joined in as I flew by Lad and Smoke who looked on in disgust.  I then ran into Ellie and she joined in too.  Now the crowd was closing in so I jumped up on the hammock and off the end as they rumbled up and the chase was on again.  The barking was loud and our feet were thundering across the ground when I saw dad… muwahahahahahahah

I ran towards him with the rumbling herd behind me and the old guy just jumped behind the Maple as we rumbled by and I was tackled by lil Hallie and all the rest piled on.  Weeeeeeeeeeeee….. what fun……..  but it was too bad the Old guy moved for he was going to get stampeded under….. but I’ll perfect the plan and get him the next time….

So much for lazy, peaceful quiet afternoons… who needs them?

Tell the Old Guy to get rid of the rest of the collies and keep only me….


Next time I will get you Old Guy!!!!

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Hi, its me Lad!!!! Let me talk to you about my ball!



Dad gave this ball to me when I was almost a year old….. that was almost 8 years ago. 🙂

It is a association football that the leather cover pieces fell off or were chewed off, the inner liner is now gone and it has had three bladders put in it….


Dad had tried multiple times to replace my old ball…. but I whine, I throw  fit and I refuse to look at a new ball….. so he has accepted that this is the only ball I ever will want…. so he fixes up the Jesus Ball (its been resurrected how many times now?) or the Frankenstein ball as it is also called.   He says its mine till I die.  Then, he will bury it with me…. so I can play with it in the afterlife…


Its ugly, its horrific, its terrible looking… but its mine…. and its all I have.  My only earthly possession and I love it….  Dad wanted me to tell my story about my ball and there it is.. I have spent countless hours  playing with it and it never grows old… my favorite thing is when I go to give it to dad and as he reaches for it I run away.. hehehehe…. love driving him crazy! 🙂  So, if any of you ever come around here you can play ball with me…

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-wow, look at that devastation!!!

-Why are you looking at me?000_0015


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– Okay everybody you behave for dad is plowing snow again.. I Hallie have spoken….










dscf96780Ball. ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, … er… what did she say?  Ball, ball, ball, ball,



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-It’s good daddscf9675 after all it is Maple!  mmmmmmmmmm

-Yes, he is a regular connoisseur of wood, yesterday it was Cedar, the day before Popular… Perhaps I’ll water them and give him a unique flavor one time.. hehehedscf9677

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Is that ticking I hear?

It is ticking… lets get out of here!!!



Um, Dad.. er.. Ginger set off one of her manure bombs again!!!  Peeeeee-uuuuuuuu!!!!

Wow! Good thing we ran… what a mess….. dad is not looking happy……

Darn, I missed……Sigh… back to the drawing board…….

Never fear dad! Lil Hallie is here… I will handle this… GINGER!!!!!

Huh…..  Looks like by the time Lil Hallie gets done here Ginger is the one that will need a bath… wow… that will hurt in the morning… oooh… wow… didnt know you could do that with manure… ouch!  Memo to self… dont make lil Hallie mad… wow!

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We collies enjoyed Dad’s day off with him. It made it to 21 degrees F so we played outside with him, then he got all the tractors out, plowed the driveway, drove the tractors around and then came in and was going through the channels to see what was on TV when he found Liverpool live against Bolton in FA Cup action.  So, we watched the game and it was pretty silent for most of it.  The Officiating was pretty terrible and Bolton scored off a somewhat questionable call in the second half to take the lead.  A few shots off the post kept us interested but then Bolton was penalized and down to ten men and Liverpool began to threaten, but the movement that made them so dangerous last year just wasn;t there.  Dad was grumbling, we collies were sullen when all of a sudden very late in the game the “swirl” as dad calls it appeared. They began to move like they did last year and began to pound the goal. We all began to take notice and the Reds put the pressure on.  Then at the 86th minute Sterling kicked in a pass that scored and we collies roared our approval as dad cheered.  There hasn’t been a lot to cheer this year for while the Reds are now winning during the season they clearly won’t even get in this race, but they can make the top 5…..  Stoppage time began and the Reds were still pounding and dad was on his feet urging them on while we collies waited… then… in stoppage time with the game almost over Coutinho flipped one in and it was an excuse for us collies to bark our heads off in celebration as the Reds were moving on in the next round in the FA Cup!  This was the 700th appearance by Gerrard who will be leaving at the end of the year… so perhaps the Reds can capture the FA Cup to end his career at Anfield.  We shall see…..   a few pics from today….


–time to go in yet?

-Dad taking Annie down the road for a spin….



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Here at the Meadow the division run deep….. Celtic!  Rangers!   Chevy!  Ford!  Harold! Charlie!  Rock! Country!  Yankees!  Cardinals!  Packers! Browns!  Very few things unite them….



Kill the Train!!!!!!!


Kill the Squirrel!!!!


We love you old guy!

So, each day the battle rages on with brief moments of unity during which ….


First the Hammock then the WORLD!!!!!  Muwahahahahaha

FORD JOKE OF THE DAY (my favorite car)

What kind of car did Fred Flintstone drive?
A ford of COURSE and it ain’t much different now!

Our song of the day.. another hit from the advent of the Model A…  Country instead of Jazz…

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