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The feel of Fall was in the air today. Cool breeze, the dampness with a warm afternoon sun with a crispness in the air. The collies loved it running around and having one of their most active days in a while.  They are starting to shake the down mood that has been here at the Meadow since the loss of Smoke.  It will take at least 6 months for this to work itself out but it will.

The collies played hard and long with lots of running and barking, chasing squirrels, battling the train and one huge melee wrestling match that left me wondering what that was all about.



Spent some time working on Molly cleaning up the distributor today, but it didn’t help much so tomorrow I will get to the points.  Cleaned the garage so we can be ready for winter….and took Annie out for a spin.  Today was interesting for lots of ppl were waving from their yards, others beeping as they drove by. I think they are starting to recognize the big old tractor. One neighbor said she can tell when the Case is coming for she has a sound of her own. 🙂   By next weeken high temps are supposed to struggle to reach 60…. could a early winter be on its way?   We shall see…



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