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It was years ago but I can see it in my mind like it was yesterday.  We made Apple Crisp and Trevor was standing there looking at me so I got down on my hands and knees and offered him a piece on the fork.   He sniffed it and made a disgusting face but I looked at him and said “Eat!”  He looked at it and looked at me and slowly, very slowly he opened his mouth and I put it in his mouth and he closed his jaws. He looked at me not moving and I said “Chew!”

He looked up at me like I had lost my mind but he began to chew.  All of a sudden his left eyebrow shot up and his eyes went wide and his eyes glowed!

HE swallowed and as I was getting more from the stove he sat in front of me and looked at me in the eyes and looked at my plate and looked again at me. So, I gave him a piece of Apple Crisp.  He loved it and it became his favorite food!

From that day on when we made Apple Crisp he would wake up and come over and watch us make it and stick it in the oven. Then, he would lay down in front of the oven and sleep until it was done.  He always got his piece after that and when he knew we had Apple Crisp he would run to the fridge waiting for his piece.  IT was the only food I ever saw Trevor act like this for.

I will never forget that look in his eyes and his eyebrow shooting up on one side when he ate it for the first time.  I never heard of a dog liking apple crisp before or since.  Trevor was like that at times. He was just a little boy wrapped up in a big collie body and hid it well from most with his rough exterior and gruff manner… but with me he was just a little kid and a softie at heart… I still miss him… I always will…..


My old Boo…..  Can you believe it has been almost 19 months since the great master in the sky called him home…. somehow I know he is in heaven… eating Apple Crisp as he waits for me….. I love you Trevor forever…..

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