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We want to award to three blogs the Collies Choice Award today!!! 🙂  These three blogs we feel are amongst the best of the net!  Two are dog blogs…. one is a collie blog! Yay!  No,,, we are not awarding ourselves a award.. it is another collie blog! 🙂  The other has some great posts about cars and tractors… as you all know the old guy loves tractors and cars…. in that order. 🙂

So here are the blogs we feel are amongst the best!

1. KEY WEST COLLIES- Yes, another collie blog about two wonderful collies named Essex and Sherman and their dad who obviously loves them very, very much with memories of the wonderful Deacon who has gone over the Rainbow Bridge.  Here is a description from their site about themselves.. 🙂

Essex and Sherman are aunt and great nephew. Essex is a friendly, but reserved female tri-color. Sherman is a brave happy outgoing male sable & white. Deacon is a our dog angel that watches over our pack. He crossed the bridge before his fifth barkday.

The blog is delightful and very collie-esque!  Full of love, energy, fun and collie insights we love reading it.  However, we do have one question for them, where did you get the cut-outs to make Collie shaped cookies?  Needless to say we at The Meadow want some! LOL….. You will enjoy this blog so please do visit and say hello and look at those beautiful collies Essex and Sherman.  Sherman by the way is recovering from a recent operation… so add him to your prayer list if you can!

To visit Key West Collies please go to:


Tell them we say hello!Enjoy this wonderful collie blog.

2. CUPCAKE SPEAKS-This delightful blog is about Cupcake who is a gorgeous little dog who is smart, very photo-genic and appears in dresses anc clothes and you cant help but say.. awwwww….  Her human is a childrens book author and Cupcake helps her to write and licks each book.  This blog will make you smile and you will laugh with delight as Cupcake goes through each day with a delightful outlook on life.  One of our favorites and one we think you will enjoy immensely.  Go to;


Say hello and enjoy!

3. BIZ BEARING- As some of you know the old guy here writes about those orange tractors of his on My Old Allis and Mollie Speaks and about automobiles on Bow-ties and Portholes.  So, when dad found this blog he was thrilled and we collies have to say we enjoy it too.  Fantastically written articles about Tractors (a lamborghini tractor is the latest!), self-driven cars, antique cars like old Chevys and even a Tucker!!!  Dad has seen 5 Tuckers in his life and there were only 48 made if he remembers right.  On Biz Bearing you can check out the All Chevy Show page that is full of antique, classic and hot rod chevys! Yay!  You can also see on the All Ford Show page the same about Fords (we would boo since we are a Buick and Chevy family but dad says Fords are a great car also.. 😉  )  and a Italian Show Page  with the same as well as the Barrett-Jackson page full of photos of classic cars that are beautiful!

Written by Jack Fischbein this blog is a wonderful step into the world of cars and sometimes tractors!  We love reading about the most recent trends and innovations in the car world, like the airless tires (dad will love that for he hates flat tires), self-driving autos and more. You will see history, commercials, trends and find out about updates on car companies and much, much more!

So please visit them at;


Say hello and tell them we say hello!  Of course he wont know us as Collies Of  The Meadow but he will know us as Bow-Ties and Portholes….

Those are our three awards today!!!

Here is their award to post on their site if they like and to award to others they feel are the best on the net!

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