Winchester here!!!      I woke up and  found out dad’s  hair, fingers and toes were attached! Funny, Ginger told me they would pop right off.  I met Ginger yesterday and guess what?  She is from Glendale too. all them big collies were sniffing me and when I met her my tail began to wag. She calls me Minion, whatever that is and checks on me every hour to see if I grew up yet.  Not sure why…..  But I digress, I helped dad read a magazine then dismantled it for him.  I saw a strange furry family member, I guess he is called a cat but he ran fast enough to get away from me. All I wanted was to sniff him and say hello.  Then I  ate breakfast and got the collies into a barkfest!!! It was only 8am and then I took a nap…..



His flight came in and we were there waiting for him and the employees of the airlines were also waiting.  “Operation Paw” was announced and Winchester was greeted by us a several ppl from the airlines!  He wasnt sure about it all as he sat in the back of his little  shipping holder and we held him and he looked us all over.  The ride home he was quiet and looking  at us and at home he had the house to himself for a little while as we let the big collies out.  He was curious and a bit shy and then we brought him outside to meet the big collies.  He heard them bark when we got to the door and he perked up.


They crowded around him and he sniffed them as they sniffed him and then he met Ginger.  Immediately his tail went up and began to wag and the collies all ran around barking in excitement. After that his tail never stopped wagging!  He ate and then decided it was time for a nap.  We took a nap together and he laid his head on my shoulder and slept for two hours as I spent most of the time looking at him.  He is a gentle lil guy who is very lovable and sweet.   Ginger kept checking on him through the day, just to see if he had grown up and ready to be her minion…. LOL







Today is the day!  Winchester is getting ready to board the plane.  This is where I get nervous for I worry about them so much. I hate flying myself and I will be praying for him as the airline brings him to the plane, boards him, flies him and then gets him off the plane to me at the airport.  I hope he isnt scared or worried himself.  I know Delta has a wonderful pet program for flying pets and he is in good hands, but I still worry…. sort of stupid.. I know.


Here is a pic of him getting ready to go in…. see you soon Winchester!!!  Thank you to my wonderful friends at Glendale Farm Collies.   God Bless You!!





Okay, I have had it, time to post the truth about the 4th of July. I Ginger am a collie which come from Scotland, which is part of the UK. As you know I am the nemesis of the old Guy so he can celebrate the 4th if he wants too.. I Ginger am taking a more traditional point of view… but first soon you will be celebrating a new  Independence day, so print out this picture of your future world dictator who will free you from your old tyranny for a new one run by me! Muwahahahahahahah

Okay, now that you have done that, here is my take on Independence day






This will get the old Guy grumbling… so here he comes to stop me… posting in 3… 2.. 1…

Recently we received a picture of Winchester and noticed something about him.  His left eye is blue.  Merle factored collies sometimes have blue eyes. What makes this really unique is that our Mick has a blue left eye also!


Winchester is one of the smaller pups of his litter and so it will be interesting to see how big he gets.  Pic of Winchester below….

-I am going where? Who is this Ginger I hear about?

-Muwahahahahahahahaha…. you will find out my lil pretty! Muwahahahahahaha



  • Whats this?  A puppy is coming here? From Glendale… another Georgie collie?  Hmmmm… think I can hitch a ride down and sort of blend in and not come back?  Muwahahahahaha
  • -No?  Hmmph… we shall see old guy.  So, his name is LoserChumpchester?  Weenichumper?  OH, thats right old guy, you got it, Winchester.  So, is he going to swear loyalty to me or disappear in the middle of the night? What? Oh nothing old guy…. muwahahahahaah  So, what does he look like.. and you have a film of him…. this should prove to be boring…. but okay, I will watch.
  • -Huh, so that is loserchumper,, er,, Winchester?  Dont look like he is enough to be a midnight snack.  Not as cute as I was as a pup is he?  What do you mean I was that small at one time? I was born cute with my eyes open and giving orders right off the bat…. Lets see that film……
  • -Hmmm.. look at that, he is aware, but has a mind of his own… oh yes, refusing to lick the milk… facing the other way in protest then sitting on the head of another puppy… this one has possibilities to be a minion for me….Like the mindset, the determination…. you say he is a ringleader in mischief…. but it is fun mischief… well I can change that…. what? Oh nothing human.. nothing…


-Ya know old guy this might just work out… I do need a bomb maker in my laboratory and I can have him doing my small mischief while I spend more time plotting….  muwahahahahahahah  When did you say my minion… er.. Winchester is showing up?