-Huh, so Ginger has decided that Cats are Demon possessed and need to be purified…  this is gonna be interesting….

-We are ridding the world of evil!  Stay tuned folks this is gonna be a real Revelation!  Kick that door in, time for the cat to get “baptized”!!!!

-The Cat just got thrown into the toilet and the lid is sealed shut.  Guess Ginger doesnt want those demons to get out….

-Now flush three times…. listen to those demons scream!!!!

-Stand back she is opening the lid…. look at the damage that cat is doing getting out of the bathroom!!!

-Huh, you think the cat would be grateful for saving it from those demons and saving its soul……the bright side is we havent seen it for 40 days, guess it is on a retreat.

-I would plot revenge but that Ginger would probably put me in the washing machine next…. this is crappy…..



Here was Branwen…….


When I was little the old guy came and saw me after I was born.  I was of course the first one out… after all I am Branwen.  The old guy picked me up and stuck his finger in front of my mouth and I wrapped my tongue around it and sucked it into my mouth….. bluch… yuck.. patooey!  I knew then this guy was gonna be trouble… sigh… this picture is taken right after he pulled his finger out of my mouth…..  rotten old guy….



Then I got to come home after a few weeks.  We came running in and our whole litter was rolling and playing and fighting up a storm when I was pulled away and put into his arms…. the %$#$@#$ stopped my play time!!!!  Then they  put on my traveling hat and scarf for the ride home… I thought they were taking em away to feed me to the Chinese…. after all everyone knows the world revolves around me and also food!!!   Good thing he couldnt read my mind here…


So, they give me this toy….  here I am trying to pick it up so I can batter the rest of the collies into submission…

000_0003_edited-Then I grew up and got a bigger toy and did batter the rest of the collies… muwahahahaha…


Here I am after a spring shed trying to look like my old pops.. Trevor Forever…….  As you can see I am happy unless there is no food…. if someone is breathing my air…. invading my space…. touching a toy that is mine (they are all mine by the way!)….. or they are eating what I deem is my food…. or just annoying me by existing….. other than that I am a very happy girl…..


Okay, you will have to excuse me…..  Hey, you.. ya you!!! Stop breathing my air!   You! Yeah you over there.. stop existing because you annoy me!  And you over there….. drop that toy .. it is mine now!!!  Ellen!!! Listen little sister I am going to sit on you at supper time and eat your food….  Lad.. stop playing with your ball….  Ginger plot in someone else’s universe!!!  Smoke….. I dont know just go away!!!  Old Guy I want those chips!  Rutherford you do not need that leg you have three others!!! Walter give me that football or you will not see the sun rise…. Mick…. go play in the road!!!  All of you.. get lost

RIP Branwen


Welcome to the Meadow.  I am Lad and its hard to believe that no collies has been  here longer than I have been.  Many cool things happen here at the Meadow.  Lots of fun, playing, BALL playing, running, chasing, barking and Ginger plots going on all of the time!

So, come on in and I’ll share a few things with you!



When we arent playing one of our favorite hangouts is on the couch.  Here you see my brother Skylight with the sisters Branwen and Ellie.    The couch is a great place especially if dad is laying there trying to read…..

000_0003Here we are having a meeting with Dad…. we are discussing plans for our next play during a game…. part of the organized games we have…

000_0003then there are walks….  my mommy Hallie with Uncle Trevor years ago…

Yes, we have lots of activities here!  But, there is only one that is important….  even though the Hammock generates the most activity…. this is even more important!!!


Time to Play Ball!!!!

Soon it will be 6 years since Trevor left us and this is a memory I will always laugh about….

I took Trevor to the Pet Store to pick up a few things I wanted and as he strolled in people were pointing and saying “A Collie!  Just like Lassie!”  Trevor of course ate it up and we picked up a few items I was looking for.  As I carried the items we turned a corner into a new aisle and there in three low wire bins were doggie treats!!!  The multi-colored bone types and Trevor saw them right away and made a beeline to them.  Now, the store is smart for they put them where the dogs can sample them for they know if the dog loves them you will buy them.

Trevor walks up and sniffs the first bin and snorts in disgust and with his muzzle he flings them on the floor and stomps over to the next bin.  I am busy picking up the treats and Trevor sniffs the second bin and snorts even louder and flings these treats all over the floor also!  “Trevor, stop!”  I tell him as he stomps over to the final bin.  By now I can see he is smoking mad!!!  He hates food he does not like and he sniffs the final bin as I pick up the second bin of treats from the floor.

He snorts loudly and really flings the treats this time.  I am snickering for he is on a temper tantrum now.  He looks at me with fire in his eyes and I promise to buy him something good as he turns away and snorts again.  All of a sudden I hear water and turn to see Trevor is leaving his opinion of their treats as he waters the support pole next to the bin.  Now I am horrified…. but he looks at me with this evil glee in his eyes and grins and I can’t help but laugh .

I get up and say lets go and Trevor stomps down the aisle and we turn the corner where he is met by several women who make a big deal about how pretty he is and he quickly starts grinning and is his happy self as he eats up the attention he is getting.  Finally, the women move on and we go to check out and as the lady takes my money and offers Trevor a treat….. the same treats he hated. He snorted and turned and I gruffly said; “No, Trevor, not here!”  He pouts and then I hold out some beef jerky treats which he loves and he happily ate them as we left with him strutting happily out with me.

So, that was the day Trevor was naughty.  Otherwise the guy is one big happy collie who is usually very, very well behaved.  But, that day he made me laugh … although he had terrible manners…..

Trevor has returned since that day to the pet store and even though he still hates those treats he just snorts and walks away now….  although I can see him look at me and read his mind that he would like to tell them again how he feels about those rotten treats…. LOL

I promise Dad, even though those treats stink I will not water the post this time!

-Dad, did you know that stop, drop and roll won’t help in Hell?

  • Do I really need to say what I am thinking?  Muwahahahahahahah

HE led the chases, the charge and all the group activities for years. Laddie was  relentless and never stopped or slept.

-Trying to steal his ball, that didnt happen!

-Now there is a new spark plug!  Winchester here!   Dad, I removed all the fattening food from my house. It was delicious.