• Whats this?  A puppy is coming here? From Glendale… another Georgie collie?  Hmmmm… think I can hitch a ride down and sort of blend in and not come back?  Muwahahahahaha
  • -No?  Hmmph… we shall see old guy.  So, his name is LoserChumpchester?  Weenichumper?  OH, thats right old guy, you got it, Winchester.  So, is he going to swear loyalty to me or disappear in the middle of the night? What? Oh nothing old guy…. muwahahahahaah  So, what does he look like.. and you have a film of him…. this should prove to be boring…. but okay, I will watch.
  • -Huh, so that is loserchumper,, er,, Winchester?  Dont look like he is enough to be a midnight snack.  Not as cute as I was as a pup is he?  What do you mean I was that small at one time? I was born cute with my eyes open and giving orders right off the bat…. Lets see that film……
  • -Hmmm.. look at that, he is aware, but has a mind of his own… oh yes, refusing to lick the milk… facing the other way in protest then sitting on the head of another puppy… this one has possibilities to be a minion for me….Like the mindset, the determination…. you say he is a ringleader in mischief…. but it is fun mischief… well I can change that…. what? Oh nothing human.. nothing…


-Ya know old guy this might just work out… I do need a bomb maker in my laboratory and I can have him doing my small mischief while I spend more time plotting….  muwahahahahahahah  When did you say my minion… er.. Winchester is showing up?



For the first time in years the Meadow will be seeing a new face.  Our wonderful friends at Glendale recently had some pups and one is coming to the Meadow.

Ah, yes, what to name this little Sable Merle who is moving in in July…..

I didnt have to think about it at all actually.  since I have been reading a lot about the Wild West lately. This name is  of a family who had a huge company,  who was proud, brilliant, yet full of some fun loving wild ppl, just like here.  The name he is being given represents change that was brought to an industry, to society and to the nation by this company.    Times are changing here and to me the name is appropriate to a new era coming.

His name will be Winchester…..  his arrival will be like a shot across the meadow and will definitely begin to bring change into a new era.  Like the Winchester he will change everything and bring in a new era that will be welcomed and yet with sadness for the era being left.


Below, are some pictures of Winchester……



-On August 14, 2006 Laddie and Trevor came to the Meadow to join Sadie and Teddy after the loss of Niamh and it was the beginning of what we call the “Golden” era of the Meadow. We took in enough collies to have a dozen at one time and they were almost all of them were related and true characters.  Through the years those of the Golden era have made their exit until just Laddie was left of that glorious generation that we were blessed with.  The passing of Laddie, just as the appearing of Lad the Bad  were turning points here.  Somehow his presence just brought activity even if he didnt do anything, but just stand there with the intelligent, quizzical look on his face making expressions that made me laugh.  That he died in his sleep is probably the most strange thing of all.  HE never stopped moving or reacting to the world around him and in most cases interacting with the world around him in a way that always brought change.  I never met a more intense collie than Laddie. He was on the job 24/7 and ready, or in most cases, the cause of most of the action here.


With his passing there is no more endless ball throwing sessions with him teasing me in bringing back the ball.  The chases around the yard have now ended.  The mock battles, the rioting stampedes are now a memory.  Its hard to believe that entire generation is now gone.  Lad with Trevor was the first ones here and Lad was, fittingly, one of the the last onse gone.  Branwen and Ellie are the last of that generation.


It is a new era now.  The younger generation, which is isnt so young is now the heirs of the Meadow.  Their years left are not many but we will make the most of them as we begin to look for a new line and a new generation to be ready to run and play in the meadow when this era, which will be short, is over.   As the collies work through this latest change it will be interesting to see what happens and how they do it.  They are characters in themselves but of a different blend than we have ever seen before.  Rutherford and Mick seem to be setting up for the Alpha Male.  Branwen and Ellie, the daughters of Trevor are now our oldest collies. At 10 their time is limited also now. But, the leadership is now passed onto the next generation who at this time doesnt seem to know quite what to make of it all. But, I am sure in the next few months they will work it out, they always do.   Watching will be fun and yet sort of sad at the same time.  Time marches on and it is life, but it sure doesnt make it any easier…… not one bit.


We wish you all a very Happy Easter or as some call it Resurrection Day!!!  Here at the Meadow we will be beginning our day, after taking care of the collies of course, by going to 6:30 am divine service. With the rising sun we will celebrate the risen Son of God.  This, to us, is the most important day of the year for this is when our salvation through Jesus happened.  To me this is very important for I KNOW I am unworthy and need all the help I can get to get to heaven.  So, we wish you a very HAPPY EASTER!!!


One thing that I believe is that Jesus did not die just for us humans.  Let me explain.  When God created humans he created animals first to be with us. They are tied to us in that we are to care for them and they are to do jobs for us, like pull plows, feed us, watch our sheep and other things like being faithful companions and to be predators to keep things in balance on the earth and more.  If you did not notice, they shared Eden, the earthly paradise with us and when we fell they fell too.  I firmly believe that when Jesus died he died for us, but the side effect is that our furry friends are saved too for they are tied to us.  It says after the end times that there will be a new heaven and earth and to me if God created Eden with animals he will create the new earth with them too. 🙂  But, who am I but a lowly sinner who tomorrow will get on my knees and thank God for granting me salvation even though I KNOW I deserve a lot worse….

from you tube posted by

Here is what I will see as the sun rises (Son rises) tomorrow;

except there will be candles, ribbons and flowers…. and yes this is where I usually sit at church…

Then, we will spend time with family and with the collies and I will reflect, that even though I complain about things, I am so blessed to have a home,health, a job, our collies, our children, my wife, a job and tractors and you friends out there and that I need to be grateful for it all that most of all I am blessed to have found Jesus in my life.

By the way, the collies do celebrate with a small plate of little bites of doggie treats and some other meat treats (in small quantities as so not to upset their tummies) for although they dont know it, in my thoughts they were saved by this too!

I often wonder how Mary Magdalene thought about this moment as the years passed….. to be the first person to have Jesus appear to…. what a honor, what a life changing moment…



The old guy doesnt know everything.  I happen to know that on a hillside nearby a collie was watching sheep and that before Mary Magdalene showed up that Jesus gave it a pat on the head… so there old guy. Now lets play ball to celebrate Jesus’ petting the collie and for saving our souls! 🙂

As I was in the backyard playing with the collies in the bitter cold with the wind blowing hard I saw Rutherford look up, then lil Hallie and Mick…. I asked.. “Squirrel?”  They looked but did not bark…. there was something in the tree but they didn’t make a sound as they all looked up.  I looked and then saw it…. it was a squirrel… but not one of the Fox Squirrels we usually have or the occasional lil Red Squirrel.  No, this was a river tree rat… or a Black Squirrel as they are called.  Black Squirrels and Gray Squirrels usually live next to a water source such as a river, lake, pond, swamp or what have you. We have a small river a bit over  a half mile away and we never see Blacks and Grays here…. until today.

Now the collies kept looking but not barking and I wondered is it because the black color is throwing them off? It can’t bee for a Fox Squirrel blends in with the tree bark very closely…. no, it was because after a few minuted I realized it wasn’t moving.  He was holding still for he was probably scared and his only defense was to not move.  So, the wind blew and blew and his tail flipped in the wind and the collies gathered and kept looking up.  I tried talking to it by making squirrel sounds but no response….

Finally the tail flopped in the breeze and I said.. “Squirrel!!!”  The collies roared to life and ran around making a fearsome noise and Rutherford tried to climb the tree by using the branches getting up about 4 feet before he fell off the tree all the while barking like a fool.  They roared and cursed and threatened the black squirrel and he didn’t move a inch.  It went on for a half hour… they saw it but it refused to move.

Finally, after all the wonderful exercise I called the collies in and watched for a few minutes after starting up Old Allis.  But, that squirrel wasn’t moving yet.  So, tomorrow if it is still in the tree I will know it is dead and frozen solid up there… but I rather doubt it for the Blacks and Grays are very cautios unlike their Fox Squirrel cousins…..


You @#$%@#$%@#$ Squirrel!!! Come down and we will show you….. we dare you… we double dog dare you!!!!  Come down you chicken crap river tree rat!!!!

Black Squirrel

Sorry Collies, ain’t no way I am accepting the double dog dare.. I saw that kid’s tongue in that movie… I am staying here… you’ll never get me here.. nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah,


Get the flame thrower Ginger……  –

There is no sport in it… that darn tree rat is already burnt black so it won’t be good for squirrel fricassee anyways…. I’ll wait for a uncooked squirrel to come along then I’ll use the flame thrower to cook it…..  muwahahahahaha

Muwahahahah… I Ginger decided that during the night I would booby trap the old Guy’s side of the bed.  Pulled a rope around a couple of legs and bookcases and then put a dog dish in there for him to step in and when he staggered forward a nice bowl of water for his other foot to step in…. it wasn’t a pretty site especially after I pulled a chair out so he would trip over it and then stood up right as he went over me sending him for a flight……….. it was a lot of fun to watch…..

er… um…..


Wow Old Guy did you ever get up on the wrong side of the grave.. er.. bed…. um……. er… you don’t look happy…. er.. you are not saying anything… why are your arms raised up and why are you making those strange sounds…. er…. um….


Perhaps I went too far? That is a bit scary….. Well, off to disappear for a while until he gets back to his normal ugly self… snicker…..