-Winchester took my toy!

-There goes another toy with Winchester……

-Wow, he is being very productive in his toy stealing today… head of requisition he will be when I am world Dictator.

-What? I didnt steal any toys!  Whats that in my mouth?  Look dad! Ginger is up to something inside the house!

-That was almost too easy!


  • Trying to take a picture of me dad?

-Muwahahahahahahahahahah   not having much luck are you?


-Ooops, did I move backwards just as you snapped that picture?  heheheheeh


  • What do you mean no goofy expressions?





Taketh Away!!!!


-Dad recently played this clip from a movie about something cool that happened a long time ago. I have to admit it was pretty awesome and I got some ideas from it.  But, I Ginger, your future World Dictator Digress.  Dad asked what we would do if we were there.  Well, when the water parted I would’ve thought it was cool but I would’ve probably reacted by saying something like “Holy S**t!”  But, that is I.. Ginger! Then as we ran down to the bottom between the water I wouldve probably tripped the old guy and ran over the top of him just for fun.  Then I wouldve thrown the cats into the water, gave the Egyptians the finger if I had a middle finger and ran past everyone to the other side.

-Not sure she would’ve been with Moses if you ask me, perhaps with Pharoah, but then of course he was a cat person, so perhaps not!

-Now that my minion Winchester has stopped let me continue…  When the old guy was running up to dry land I wouldve tripped him again and ran over him again… muwahahahahahah   as the water closed over the Egyptians I wouldve taken notes.. after all this is something I can use for World Domination. Then I would’ve watered Moses foot as he stood there just to make sure he knew I was there….  then I wouldve made obscene gestures to Pharaoh on the other side just to rub it in… Muwahahahaha

-So, let me Ginger ask you , what would you have done if you had been there? Time to go the Old Guy is not looking pleased…


When minds meet

-Psst, when dad goes by the snowbank we will fling him into the bank and run and you fling your doggy bombs grenade and we will get him good… heheheeh



-It was his first trip to the trails and he did great.  Hallie of course was ready like she always is and we all had agood time in the nice weather.

-Is that a squeel?

-Aint I cute?

January 8th is the birthday of three of our collie girls.  What makes this an amazing birthday is that two of the three are sisters and the other girl was born on this date 3 years later!

The first one to celebrate this birthday is Branwen.  The daughter of Trevor and Anya, Branwen is big, sassy and the Alpha Female here.  Her favorite thing is food, her next favorite thing is chasing her bat and her stuffed toy.  By the way, did I mention her favorite thing is food?  Branwen believes whatever is yours is hers and what is hers is hers and she has been known to get mad at other collies for breathing HER air! LOL  As you have gathered she is bossy…..  yet for being bossy she loves to cuddle, to snuggle and she loves pillows and the bed!  She has also been known to love up another collie with tons of licks when they may not feel well or perhaps are not happy.   She is lovable at heart but likes to make the world think she is a toughie…. Also, do not breathe her air!!!!

Here is Branwen with one of her plastic bats playing with lil Hallie and her sister Ellie…..

Which brings us to the second birthday to celebrate!  That is the last one born 11 years ago in the same litter as Branwen.  Thats right, our Ellie celebrates her birthday too.   The last one of a litter of nine, Ellie is almost the opposite of her big sister Branwen.  She is small, a fun loving girl who loves the puppies born here becoming their playmate till they find a forever home, is half the size of her sister and gentle and loving yet sassy when she sees someone leaving for she wants to go for a ride also.  Ellie loves to snuggle, cuddle, play and also loves the bed but unlike her big sister who curls up at the foot of the bed Ellie is a bed hog! LOL…. she loves pillows, going for rides and taking her for a walk is fun for she loves to bunny hop as she goes on a walk.  Ellie loves everyone, except for her main rival Branwen.  You see, Branwen has been known to push Ellie to the ground and sit on her as she eats her food for a few seconds until I am standing there saying “get off her.”  Of course Branwen looks at me like she is asking “Off who?”  I point to Ellie and Branwen looks at Ellie and then looks at me like “How did she get there?”  My expression makes her get up and go back to her own bowl where she barks to let the world know she is still the Alpha Female and not to mess with her.

Ellie of course gloats that Branwen is in trouble and struts by naughtily teasing Branwen who gets mad of course… so we now feed Branwen in another room so there are no more rivalry problems.    Ellie is a sweetie and we are so grateful to God that she is here for her 11th birthday!

The last birthday girl is of course the ever loving Ginger who is one of the smartest collies we have ever known.  She can count with me up to five as I say the number she barks it out…. one.. bark… two bark, bark all the way up to five.  But, at five she can’t stand it anymore and screams in annoyance and struts off to find better things to do. LOL

Here is Ginger and Austin her brother with their mother Trisha!  The daughter of big Hallie I have always loved Trisha from afar and when Glendale told me she was going to have puppies I secretly wished I had the money to get one.  However, my friends at Glendale asked me ” if you were to get a puppy what would you like.. a girl or a boy?  I told them a girl and they then told me if a little girl was born they would give me her.  When I asked how much, they told me.. no she will be a gift for you are our friend and we know you will love her and give her a good home.  We want you to have a girl for a gift for you are our friend!

Needless to say I was floored… stunned and yet my heart lept for a Trisha baby, a grandaughter of my Hallie was coming here.  How kind of them…. well on January 8th Trisha began having puppies!  The first one out was, you got it.. Ginger!!!!  Then her brother was born and the next two born were still born.   So, Glendale have a Trisha baby named Austin and we have Ginger!!!

Austin and Ginger were best buddies and here they are together… Ginger on the right!  We got pictures everyday of her and her progress and it was wonderful to see her.  Yet the wait seemed forever!  But the day came when she was coming here and I used the plane tracker to follow her in the air every minute until a half hour before they were to land and off we went to get her.

The moment I met my Ginger for the first time!  She went home and met all the collies and one of the strangest things was Mick, our other white collie took her under his wing.  He cuddled up with her as she took her first nap, showed her around and was by her side the first several weeks.  How ironic the two white collies became best buddies.  Ginger however is a very curious and very, very smart collie and has become a collie who loves everyone but would rather be off on her own half the time.  However, she is a rabble rouser.  One day I saw her take off in the hunched up run of a collie who wants to be chased and is wanting to have fun.  She bumped into Lad, pulled Mick’s tail, stole Branwen’s bat and stepped on Ellie’s tail as she whacked skylight with the end of the bat as she ran by.  Needless to say, Ginger got her chase as the collies ran after her to get her for her misdeeds.  Grinning evilly Ginger had the time of her life.

Ginger is a sassy, rough and tumble girl who can be very loving one moment and slyly plotting something rotten the next.  When she had been her for a week she walked up to Mick who was around 100 pounds at the time and she grabbed his back leg and yanked!  Mick looked down at her and then flopped over on his back as she gleefully climbed up on him and proceeded to pull the hair on his mane! LOL

She was here for a week when we took her for her first walk and she mastered it within a 100 yards and then proceeded to be curious at all we saw yet bored with walking for you could see she was thinking.. what is the point of this walking when we have a car?!!!

Ginger Schnap is extremely smart and I have watched her use her brilliance for naughtiness as she will wrinkle up her nose in delight as she harasses the other collies.  I have also watched her study a problem like how to get to something and come up with some of the most unique answers and successfully achieve her goals as I stand there in disbelief.

Ginger is one of the nicest and greatest gifts I ever received in my life and we will always be thankful to the girls at Glendale Farm Collies. 🙂  God Bless Them!

So, that is the trio whose birthday is today.  Branwen and Ellie are 11 and Ginger 8.